Australians are among the friendliest people in the world.


When it comes to the locals, Aussies are famous for two things - their friendliness...and having a good time!

Blessed with a melting pot of  international cultures and countless nationalities, Australia's laid back 'no-worries' lifestyle has ensured that the millions of immigrants from dozens of countries, religions and cultures live in peace and harmony.

International travel surveys have nominated Aussies as the friendliest, most generous and helpful in the world.

In such a sun-soaked wonderland, it's no wonder that the leisure and tourist industry is Australia's number one employer. The country and its people know how to holiday.

So where else would you go to find experts in having a good time?

With so much sunshine beaming down on this giant South Pacific island, Australians naturally enjoy outdoor physical challenges, sport, beaches, as well as gambling, music, performing arts, outdoor cafes, pubs and bars, good friends and of course, the many multicultural and 5 star restaurants.