Travel & Wedding Agents

IMPORTANT INFORMATION if you are considering an overseas wedding!

Australian Dream Weddings is a wedding company. We are not a hotel. And we are not a travel agent.

The reason you should know this is that in some wedding locations in other parts of the world, weddings are arranged by travel agents, at or by hotels or resorts. In such cases, the bride and groom become part of a 'conveyor-belt' wedding process at these hotels. Their wedding is another production-line number, in a queue of up to 10 weddings in one location, in a day.

This is especially true in some international resorts and hotels, where your wedding is done on the hotel grounds, one after another.

Unfortunately if you do not check with your travel agent, your dream wedding in Australia may end up as a major disappointment.

The way to avoid disappointment in Australia, is to insist that you do not have your wedding in your hotel grounds, or arranged by or through a hotel.

Ask your travel agent, is the wedding being arranged by a hotel, or by an independent local wedding specialist? Hotels are hotels, and they are designed and operated as hotels. Hotels agree to do weddings for travel agents because the agent promises them your accommodation at the hotel.

However, a wedding professional specialises in, and focuses on specialised wedding locations, services and products.

When you book directly through Australian Dream Weddings, we will take you away from your hotel for your wedding, to the most beautiful wedding locations that Australia has to offer. At Australian Dream Weddings simply choose your location from our huge selection of wedding destinations and themes.

In Australia, we guarantee you the best in value and quality in all our wedding services and products including photography, DVD and other wedding requirements. This is not just our claim. This is endorsed by so many of our international wedding and travel agents and of course, by our happy brides and grooms from all over the world.