The Perfect Elopement - How to plan your Destination Wedding

The Perfect Elopement - How to  plan your Destination Wedding


How do you plan the perfect destination wedding? One that it is stress free, legal and exactly what the two of you want?

The Do's and Don'ts of Eloping.

Is the idea of a big wedding with hundreds of guests, most of whom you don’t really know, a little overwhelming?

Perhaps you are on a budget or would rather spend that substantial wedding reception cost on a romantic escape for the two of you or even a house deposit.

Maybe being the centre of attention simply isn’t your thing.

Whatever the reason, more and more couples are choosing to scrap the planning and politics of a big wedding at home and elope.

Combining your wedding and honeymoon makes perfect sense for those couples who want an intimate wedding for two away from it all.

But how do you plan the perfect destination wedding? One that it is stress free, legal and exactly what the two of you want?


Here are the important Do’s and Dont’s of eloping:


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Do Tell Your Parents Before you Elope.


 It is important before you start planning to sit down with your closest family and inform them of your decision so that it does not come as a complete shock afterwards and perhaps leave them feeling hurt and left out.

Consider involving your family and close friends by hosting an intimate pre wedding reception to announce your plans so that everyone can give your their best wishes and feel that they are part of the celebrations.

If you would rather keep the elopement to yourselves, do not make a surprise announcement on social media! Ensure that family and close friends are given the good news personally, perhaps with a phone call or by sending them each a wedding photo announcing the good news.

Even though not everyone will support your decision to elope, those people who are most important to you will be happy for you even if they are disappointed that they were not part of your big day.


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Do Prepare Yourself for the Reaction.


Not everyone is going to be thrilled with the idea of your elopement, so be prepared for their reactions. Many family and friends will be disappointed that they were not part of your big day, particularly your parents. It is important to explain to your family and closest friends that this is what the two of you really want to do to celebrate your perfect day. Those who love you will wish you all the happiness in the world even if they don’t agree with your decision.


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Don’t Feel Guilty.


Remember your wedding is about the two of you declaring your love for each other and making a lifetime commitment to each other in a very special and meaningful way. Although it is completely natural for some couples to feel guilty about eloping, you don’t have to justify your decision. Your wedding is exactly that – Your wedding.


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Do Ensure that your Wedding is Legal.


As tempting as it is to race off to a far away destination and get married, ensure that you do your homework first so that your wedding is actually legal.

Some countries require you to get a marriage license, whilst others have residency requirements or require your Intent to Marry to be registered with a Celebrant some time before the wedding date. You may even have to provide a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

You will need a legally qualified person to officiate the marriage under the countries Marriage Act and you will probably need witnesses.

Make some enquiries with the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate of the country in which you wish to marry to ensure that you check off all of the legal requirements.


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Do consider hiring a local Wedding Planner, Photographer and Videographer.


Hiring a local wedding planner who is experienced and knowledgeable about weddings in that country can ensure that your wedding is simple and stress free.

Your planner can offer you the most desirable wedding locations available and make the planning process easy for you. They will also have the best wedding professionals available for you to choose from and they can even assist with the legal requirements.

Although your elopement is all about the two of you, it is important to remember that your wedding memories are what you will have to cherish forever and share with your family and friends who could not be there on the day. Professional wedding photography and videography is essential for capturing you big day and creating the memories for you to share when you get home.


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Do Plan your Ceremony.


An elopement is an intimate affair but it doesn’t have to be boring. It should be exactly what you have always dreamed of. Make sure you do exactly what you want to do and be as formal or informal as you like.

Find the perfect location, arrange your wedding transport, think about what you want to say when you exchange your vows and wedding rings, plan your ceremony decor, bouquet and Bridal music and decide on the perfect wedding outfits to suit your dream wedding location. And don’t forget to plan an intimate post ceremony celebration dinner somewhere special and romantic.

Remember, most of all, planning your elopement should be fun!


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Do Watch the Budget.


Although an elopement can save you money, you do have to consider your budget. Once you factor in travel and accommodation costs, a small elopement wedding can sometimes end up costing almost as much as that large wedding at home that you were attempting to run away from. Consider off peak travel times and if possible, plan ahead to take advantage of special offers. As you are eloping, there is no need to get married on a Saturday like the majority of local Bride’s so most wedding services will offer you discounts for weekday weddings. This can save you a fortune, compared to what it would cost at home.


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Do Plan a Celebration at Home.


Nothing extravagant as we don’t want to blow the budget that you saved on eloping in the first place! However a few drinks with close family and friends is the perfect opportunity to show off your wedding photos and share your big day with those important to you.


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Do Make an Announcement after your Wedding.


Although surprising everyone on social media with a wedding photo immediately after the wedding is a big no no, it is important that once you have personally told your family and close friends, that you make an announcement. A marriage announcement lets everyone know that you are married and it is the perfect opportunity to show off your wedding photos and DVD.


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Do Enjoy the Moment.


After all of your research and planning, it is time to relax and enjoy this very special day with just the two of you celebrating your love and commitment to each other.


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