The Cost of a Wedding in 2018

The Cost of a Wedding in 2018


Everyone who is planning a wedding, and any expert in the wedding industry, can tell you that the cost of a wedding is expensive.

In 2018, you can expect the costs to continue to rise.

In this post, we will address the costs, and perhaps find some ways to reduce them.



Average Costs

The Knot is an industry leader in the wedding industry. For the past decade, The Knot has been tracking the costs of weddings. In 2016, The Knot polled over 12,000 brides to come up with a national average for the cost of weddings. The figure totaled over $35,000. Of course, this is an average. If you choose to get married in a grand venue in New York City, the number could be more. If you choose a venue in Tennessee, the costs could be lower.


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Breakdown of expenses

When people are asked what the most expensive part of a wedding is, they may say the wedding gown, the caterer, or the photographer. It may surprise you to know that the venue is by far the greatest expense. Below we will list the average prices of various items and events that are necessary for a wedding. While this is not all of the expenses, it will give you a good idea of the expenses you will incur.

The Bride:

The wedding gown $1500.00

Hair stylist $120.00

Makeup $100.00

Shoes and accessories $200.00

The engagement ring $6.000.00

The Groom:

Clothing and shoes $350.00


Videographer & Photographer $4750.00

Wedding Planner $2000.00

Flowers & decorations $2500.00



Entertainment $4100.00

Dinner $50-$75 per person

Wedding cake $450.00

While these costs may surprise you, the real shock is the cost of the venue. The national average for the wedding venue including just over $16000.00.


Destination wedding

As you can see, the venue costs are substantially more expensive than any other expense. Many couples opt to stay in the United States for their wedding to save money, but look again.

Compare these package deals to what you are paying for a quality venue in the USA. The fact is, you are paying for a destination wedding regardless. You may live in the USA but it is a destination location for people living in Europe or Asia. The price reflects that. In many cases, you can have a great destination wedding in a place like Australia, Mexico, or Canada for the same amount of money, if you take advantage of their packages.


Reducing costs

Wedding packages

Once you have decided on where you want to get married, you can look at the realistic expenses of traveling to a romantic location. Of course, you will have travel expenses. However, since everything is included on your package, your expenses will deflate.

Instead of having a wedding planner, venue, music, food, flowers, and travel expenses; you have one set price that includes all of these things. Even better if you have options that you could not find here. Perhaps you want to get married on a yacht in Sydney or have a beach wedding. You simply select your location and work with the coordinator to customize the wedding to suit you. Be sure the officiant of your choice is included. Whether you want to be married by a leader of your religion or a judge or ship’s captain. Inquire before you finalize your plans. Your dream wedding becomes an affordable option.

Wedding guests

Your guest list will be reduced when you are planning an out of the country wedding. This is not because you cannot accommodate them. People with jobs, young children, and other responsibilities simply will not be able to attend. By cutting your guests list, you save money on travel, food, and paper goods.

Of course, you do not want to exclude anyone from your wedding. Consider having a reception when you return from your honeymoon. Another possibility is to streamline the wedding online, so those who could not attend, can still see the ceremony and celebrate with you.

Extra events

While you are traveling, there may be other sites you want to see, and events you want to attend, Research the area and lists these events on your Honeyfund wedding registry. This allows your guest (attending and not attending) to gift you with once in a lifetime happenings. You can tie traditional wedding registries to your Honeyfund account. It is easy and there is no cost to you or your guests.

Wedding apparel

You will need to purchase your wedding gown, bridesmaids gowns, and groomsmen apparel in your local area. You will not have time to order gowns or have alterations done when you arrive for the wedding. These items you and your party should take with you. The wedding gown can be packaged for transport and you should take it in your carry-on luggage. This is an irreplaceable item.

Wedding cake

Your venue package may or may not include your cake. If you are traveling to another country, consider having a candy buffet, pastry table, or donut bar set-up. It is easier to get and arrange. A candy buffet is very pretty, costs less, and you can order the candy online.


Other considerations

Before you travel to another country to get married, be sure to research what is required legally. Be sure you have your passport and identification and any immunization records the country may require.

Only work with professional vendors. You do not want to hire substandard vendors. This is not the time to compare apples to oranges. Secure a package with a reputable company.

Weddings are expensive. But, there are ways to reduce costs, and still have the wedding of your dreams. Do not limit yourself. Consider all options. You may be surprised to find out, you can have a dream wedding and a honeymoon that you will never forget.


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