Post Pandemic Proposals

Almost two years after Australia closed its borders to the world, the international border is set to reopen to fully vaccinated visitors from the 21st February 2022.

Whilst the number of couples getting married in Australia suffered an historic fall in 2021 due to the Pandemic, Australia’s wedding industry saw a rise in couples within Australia opting to elope.

Prior to the Pandemic, around one in six couples in Australia eloped, however in 2021 the number was closer to 50%.

Now that international tourists are able to travel to our shores once more, there is expected to be a huge number of people wanting to say “I Do” in Australia.

Not only will you literally save thousands on a traditional wedding at home, eloping to Australia will allow you to plan the wedding you want in a stunning location – stress free!

So, why not propose now and get travelling.


Eloping in 2022


Remember this day is about the two of you committing to each other and spending the rest of your lives together. This is the most important reason that you are getting married and everything else leads back to this. You are committing to each other.

If you decide to elope, your commitment is about the two of you and so your celebration should reflect this. Don’t feel pressured into pleasing everyone else. You don’t have to follow tradition. Begin your married life with a day that you will always cherish and remember.


Port Douglas Beach Wedding 


Focus on the Two of You


The main reason couples elope is because they want to focus on each other. If you are choosing to elope you probably want to value the experience and intimacy of a small ceremony which will create lasting memories of your special day whilst making it more meaningful for the two of you.

Sometimes a big wedding just isn’t for you. Perhaps you don’t like being the centre of attention or this may not be your first wedding and you want to do things differently the second (or third) time around.

Whatever the reason, instead of planning an event to please others, why not take your time, money and effort to plan a memorable wedding experience that you will never forget.

And just think, you can plan trips back to Australia to celebrate those special wedding anniversaries!


Gold Coast Beach Wedding



Eliminate Stress


Large weddings are not only expensive but they can be very stressful which can take some of the enjoyment out of your special day. The more people that get involved in the planning of your wedding, the more you can feel like you’re trying to please everyone else and it’s easy to forget what this special day is really all about. Rather than focusing on others, focus on each other and what’s important to the two of you.

While elopements still take some planning, it’s fun and exciting to see all of the details come together so easily whilst planning your wedding in an exotic, far flung destination.

Say No to the stress of a big wedding and plan the day you really want.


Cairns Beach Wedding



Save Money


The average cost of a wedding is conservatively around $35,000 and that doesn’t even include the Honeymoon!

If you choose to elope in 2022, you could have an all-inclusive elopement package in Australia for around 10% of that cost.

And now that you’re not spending the bulk of your money on catering for a large number of guests at your wedding reception, you can spend some of that money on travelling to a new, exciting destination that you have always longed to visit.


Port Douglas Beach Wedding



Combine your Wedding and Honeymoon in a Beautiful Location


One of the best parts about eloping in 2022 is visiting somewhere new and adventurous.

International travel has been limited by the Pandemic and now that Australian borders are reopening, it’s the perfect excuse to travel without any of the guilt of leaving everyone behind.

(Although you can always opt to invite a few close guests is you prefer).

Let’s face it, after two years of lockdowns and limited, if any, travel we are all itching to get on a plane and visit somewhere new and exciting and a Destination Wedding allows you to turn your elopement into an extended Honeymoon.


Port Douglas Beach Wedding



Choose who you want to be there


All couples are different and you deserve to create a wedding that is important and meaningful to you.

Perhaps that means no one but you and your partner, or it may mean that you choose to invite a few of your closest family and friends so that every moment is spent with people who are special and beloved to you.

Eloping gives you the freedom to decide who you want to share your special day with.

You can always hold a big party for your friends when you return home and show them your amazing wedding photos in Australia and, because you’re not planning a wedding reception, it won’t cost you a fortune to celebrate.


Sydney Beach Wedding



Make your Wedding more Personal


Planning a large wedding can have its limits. You have to book a reception venue for all of your guests, choose from their menu, use their wedding suppliers and book a certain amount of time at the venue. With all of those guests to attend to you may hardly have a moment to be together and enjoy each other’s company. Many couples hardly remember their own wedding day because it all went past in a blur.

With an elopement, you have the freedom and flexibility to create a day that will be extremely unique and personal to you both without the hassle and constraints… and the possibilities are endless.

From a yacht on Sydney Harbour to miles of long sandy beaches on the Gold Coast, a tropical Rainforest location in Cairns or saying “I do” in Port Douglas where the Rainforest meets the Sea - The Choice Is Yours.


Port Douglas Beach Wedding


So … What are you waiting for – Get planning now!



Please Note:

Unvaccinated travellers will have to apply for an exemption before they travel to Australia and will have to undergo hotel quarantine if they are granted permission to enter the country.

For the latest updates on international travel, please go to the official Australian Government website:



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